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The pousada Colibry is in Itacaré, in the state of Bahia, the most known and exotic brazilian state. Bahia is famous for its fine climate, its particular culture and the beauty of its landscapes.


The cocoa coast

Approximatives distances between Itacaré and some cities of Brazil

Salvador (via Sto A. de Jesus) :
500 km
Salvador via Nazaré and ferryboat) :
400 km
Ilhéus :
65 km
Itabuna :
100 km
Porto Seguro :
374 km
Lençois :
600 km
Aracajú :
727 km
Belém :
3000 km
Belo Horizonte :
1630 km
Brasília :
1730 km
Fortaleza :
2080 km
Recife :
1240 km
Rio de Janeiro :
1480 km
São Paulo :
1810 km
Vitória :
800 km
Jorge Amado, Gabriela

Itacaré is a fishermen's village in the hart of an ambiantal protection area. The region is known as the cocoa coast due to its importants plantations. This tree grows under the shadow of others biggers trees, so the native rain forest ("mata atlântica") stays almost untouched untill now.


The village of Itacaré

Concha beach
eco resort
tropical forest

Itacaré is situated at the estuary of Contas River witch spring is in Chapada Diamantina (near Lençois), at around 600 km from the ocean. The natural beauty of this region of Brazil offers to visitors many waterfalls, beautifull beaches, tracks in the forest.

How to arrive in Itacaré

The arrival in Itacaré can be by plane via Ilhéus, where there is a little airport.
From there, many busses go to Itacaré.

The most economical transport in Brazil is the bus. All the country has regular bus-line with comfortable busses.

The easier is to arrive untill Itabuna or Ilhéus, and then take a another bus to Itacaré. Consult the time table from Ilhéus to Itacaré.

Coming from the north, it's possible to avoid Ilhéus, and then economize about 130 km. Stop in Ubaitaba and change to Itacaré via Taboquinhas. The road crosses a very beautifull region, but it's in very bad condition. It spends about 2 hours to make the 50 km, but you wont regret if you want to approach the heart of Bahia and its countryside life.

There are some busses linking directly Salvador to Itacaré (2 per week). It's a night trip during more and less 8 hours.

Another option for who comes from Morro de São Paulo, Camamú and Barra Grande, is to go south of Maraú peninsula untill Itacaré, where you'll cross the Contas River by a little ferry. This trip can be organized by the travel agencies witch make the trips from Itacaré to Barra Grande (Lagoa do Cassange, Taipus de Fora, Morro do Celular,...).

You're welcome !
If you need transportation from Ilhéus airport or bus station, we can organize it

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